First Love

As fragile and fiery as a comet, it may only happen once in a lifetime. Just because it's fresh and new, does not mean that it does not come with it's own strife and difficulties. When smaller meteors cross paths, they can do just as much damage as another comet.


This is what I felt every time we held hand. It’s what I heard every time we kissed. It’s what I imagined when I thought about our future. It’s what I remember every time I look back. It's where I go when I am alone. It's where I hope we’ll meet when I see you … Continue reading Us

My Song

And as we parted I heard the song that I would forever remember as this summer, this moment in time, this feeling of our fingers interlocking. Six years later, how was I supposed to know that the same song would only make me think of myself, and who I was during those long nights spent … Continue reading My Song